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Six Feet Under
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This LJ Community is for fans of the HBO original series, Six Feet Under, created by Alan Ball.

The maintainer for the community is dmaleus, however, please direct any suggestions or reports of abuse to either alien88 or alceria as they are the active co-maintainers.

Only registered users may post to the community. We do not allow anonymous comments.

Please follow the rules below. Should you break any of the rules, on the first offense you will be warned and on the second offense you will be shoved into a casket, pushed into a hole, and covered with dirt.

#1) Anything pertaining to a show that will spoil it must be put behind lj-cut. To use lj-cut, you would do the following:

Begin Post:
Tonight's Episode

< lj-cut text="Warning, spoilers!" >
Spoilers go here
< /lj-cut >

End of Post.
However, do not put a space after and before the < and >. For more information, please see the following page.

2. Be respectful of everyone else. This means no calling people stupid, flaming them, or being rude.

3. Off-topic posts may very well be deleted. One liner posts are discouraged, as the majority of the people here don't appreciate the clutter on their friends list.

4. Livejournal meme postings are not allowed. Polls related to the show are allowed, within reason. Rmember to put any poll with a spoiler behind a cut please!
Note: There are two spin off communities for SFU art and icon trading. They are sfu_art and sfu_icons. ALL icon related posts are to go there and DO NOT cross post them to this community...that is the reason why those communities exist. If you don't respect this, your post will be deleted.

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